Healthcare Marketing Case Study

Healthcare Marketing Case Study

A national healthcare insurance agency was looking to increase enrollment in the services they provide during a recent special enrollment period. They came to Golden Goose Digital Marketing for a healthcare marketing strategy that would help to educate their audience about this special enrollment opportunity and to encourage them to act.

In the past they had tried paid online marketing efforts for these enrollment periods to no avail. Sometimes fresh eyes (or a fresh gander from an intelligent goose) can make improvements in areas that haven’t found previous success.

The Plan of Aquack

Golden Goose Digital Marketing strategized a plan of attack that included the use of both search (PPC) and display ads that would allow for them to reach their audiences both while looking actively (search) and for the healthcare insurance agency to find them proactively (display).

Using this strategy, the insurance agency was able to see significant improvement in their paid online marketing efforts as well as a major increase in enrollments in their insurance plans.

Through the marketing efforts we put in place, they saw a 569.30% increase in their Click Through Rates (CTR) from .26% to 1.48%.

A Total of 2,904 Conversions

They also saw a huge spike in conversions from 64 in previous efforts to 2904 with Golden Goose Digital Marketing. That was an increase of over 4500%. We also helped to improve conversion rates by 750% from .86% up to 6.46%.

We were able to help this insurance agency with all of these improvements while still lowering their cost per conversions from $263.95 down to $90.78. That is a 34% decrease in conversion costs!

Thanks to these efforts, the insurance agency was able to increase site traffic, lower costs and radically improve enrollments online through our unique online marketing strategies for one of the most successful open enrollments to date for agency.


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