The Case for Digital Marketing Transparency

The Case for Digital Marketing Transparency

In todays fast paced world, things are either getting overly complicated or simplified. With coffee orders becoming more complicated than the latest smart-phone operating system lets take a break from our Venti Iced Skinny Hazelnut Macchiato, Sugar Free Syrup, Extra Shot, Light Ice, No Whips (this is a real drink by the way) and focus in on why digital marketing has become so complicated, and why it should be clear and simple.  

In the Olden Days

Digital marketing began with a simple answer to a question: “How can companies advertise to people online?” This began a launching pad for a growing giant named Google to come in and create online advertising, but with a twist. Google saw this need for marketing to an ever growing world of internet users but they realized something important: Internet data is gold mine. Gone are the days of putting up a billboard, print advertisement or running a commercial and hoping it is seen by the customer you are actually trying to attract. Google saw how online advertising could be transparent, defined and impactful. Instead of casting a massive net to catch a few customers, they knew that using their data from their massive database of users, online marketers could cast a smaller, better designed net to catch more of the clients a company actually wants and is looking for. It was revolutionary and they did it with simplification and transparency at top of mind. 

How Digital Marketing Has Changed

Fast forward to 2019 and the world has evolved. “Digital Marketing” is the largest and most sought after form of advertising used to attract and retain new business for companies. It is the most used platform to grow a business and find success in the endless expanse that is the Internet. So the question becomes why can digital marketing companies be so opaque when this system was designed to be transparent? 

The answer is easy. Like the Mad Men era days of print advertising, clever people have realized that people running businesses do not have the time to focus in on marketing. It is an age old problem; someone has a business providing a good or service and that takes all of their time making it impossible to even think about online advertising. Digital Marketing Agencies have come in to help lift that burden and help with online presence in a digital age. The only problem is that many agencies are not being upfront and forthcoming with what and how they are spending their client’s money. 


Digital Marketing agencies throw a lot of big and fancy words around on their sites to confuse and manipulate people into thinking digital marketing is not as transparent or easy as it seems. Do not let yourself be fooled from offers like micro conversion analysis, Cross Device Optimization, multivariate testing, or even retargeting (retargeting is a real type of advertisement but it is used incorrectly in most cases, we can get into that another time). These is all bait and switch tactics to make digital marketing seem more complicated than it is or should be. At the end of the day, if a website looks good and the product or service is legitimate then running digital advertisements should be easy, and measuring how those ads are performing should and can be easy too. 

Marketing — Simplified

At Golden Goose Digital Marketing we love simple and clear. We can help you improve your online presence and tell you all about how your ad campaigns are performing with no-nonsense reporting. We’ve removed the jargon from our service offerings. Clean, simple and transparent; the way digital marketing was intended. 

Let Golden Goose Digital Marketing help grow you digital presence, because we love things that are easy and want you to as well.


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