Programmatic Advertising

At Golden Goose Digital Marketing, we get your ads to the customers that need them. We have access to the top programmatic advertising tech, placement inventory, and customer data, which helps define your audience to levels that have never been possible with traditional advertising or a standard search or display campaign.

We provide big agency ad tech with little agency service!

The Golden Egg

Dan Baker

The Brains

Your ads will be run by Dan, an expert with over 15 years of advertising agency experience and a real marketing degree from a real school. We don't outsource your ad campaigns. Dan specializes in strategy and analysis and has perfected the art of the "overshare." He'll set up your perfect ROAS-driven campaign every time. Drop us a line and pick his brain.

Joshua Lowe

The Looks

Joshua has been a graphic designer for 18 years and has an insatiable appetite for producing advertising creative that stands out; then eating it. Just kidding, I felt the need to complete the "appetite" metaphor. We can run ANY ad type that you see online and produce ads in-house. From data-driven programmatic product feed ads to video, we have you covered.

Digital Marketing Report

The Results

We provide you with easy-to-understand reports that can be customized to focus on whatever metrics are important to you, because we make them ourselves! Theres no cloak and dagger here; if you want to see your data straight from our advertiser's platform, we're happy to share. We're proud of our work!

Ad Tech That Actually Means Something

Targeting Data

Placement Inventory

Honking Our Own Horn

Here’s a few examples of how we’ve helped real customers improve their advertising results.

Decreased Click Costs by 62.5%

We decreased a research publisher's costs per click from 8 cents to 3 cents while driving engaged sessions up by improving targeting through a programmatic ad campaign.

Increased Phone Leads by 10%

We increased phone call leads by 10% year over year for a local medical software company by streamlining their existing search campaigns. We also lowered CPCs from $7.31 to $3.44.

Increased Site Traffic by 65%

We increased the ad traffic of a local disaster services companies ad campaign from 87 to 135 WHILE lowering costs from 7k to 4.5k/month. They received so many leads, that we had to temporarily shut off the campaign so they could catch up with their workload.

An Example that Applies to No One

We can target a crazy-specific type of customer, and follow them anywhere. Google Ads alone cant do that.


Sell Artisanal goose food to post-hipster, health-obsessed millennials. 

Use First-Party sales data to use what we know about artisanal goose food buyers to build a customer profile to advertise to.


Our Plan:

Get Started Today

We just have a few questions that’ll help your campaign run like a top. We’re happy to research and optimize your campaigns based on our own expertise, but if you have any specific information about what has worked for you in the past, or what customer profiles have given you great results, that’ll help take some of the guesswork out on our end. If you’re unsure about anything, leave it blank.

Ad Result Estimator*

This is just for fun. These numbers are based on industry standards and our own data. We strive to outdo any numbers that you may see here. We’re not happy with “industry standard.”

*These numbers are just ESTIMATES based on overall industry averages and our own ad campaign data. They are in no way a guarantee. Every industry will see different results so please contact us to get an estimate that’s specific to your company.

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Advertising Starter Packages

Don’t need ALL of the tech, but still want some traffic? You cant make sales without visitors. Ads are the quickest way to boost your online visibility. Ad clicks are the online equivalent of foot traffic. Some of the benefits to running your ads with Golden Goose: No Learning Curve, Target Your Ideal Audience, Consistent Performance, Ease of Implementation.

The packages below are designed for businesses to get a head start in advertising online. Contact us for our custom programmatic plans.

Advertising – Pyrite

$199.00 / month
Up to 150 site visitors per month
Advertising Bronze

Advertising – Bronze

$749.00 / month
Up to 900 site visitors per month
Advertising Silver

Advertising – Silver

$1,999.00 / month
Up to 2100 visitors per month
Advertising Gold

Advertising – Gold

$3,999.00 / month
Up to 5000 visitors per month

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