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At Golden Goose Digital Marketing, we specialize in search (SEM) and display advertising across multiple networks depending upon your needs. We take a “research and strategize” approach to online advertising which means your ads get shown to a higher quality customer pool to increase your return.

Our clear and simple reporting puts the results in your hands, so you can keep doing what you do best.

Ad Result Estimator*

Enter your budget or use the slider below to get a rough estimate of what an ad campaign can do for you.

Our fee percentage gets lower as spend goes up. Find another ad agency this transparent. I dare you. Most wont declare their actual fees or ad spend. We know you need real data to make the best decisions for your business.

*These numbers are just ESTIMATES based on overall industry averages and our own ad campaign data. They are in no way a guarantee. Every industry will see different results so please contact us to get an estimate that’s specific to your company.

Advertising Starter Packages

You cant make sales without customers. Ads are the quickest way to boost your online visibility. Ad clicks are the online equivalent of foot traffic. Some of the benefits to running your ads with Golden Goose: No Learning Curve, Target Your Ideal Audience, Consistent Performance, Ease of Implementation.

The packages below are designed for businesses to get a head start in advertising online. Contact us for custom packages for bigger budgets.

Advertising – Pyrite

$199.00 / month
Up to 150 site visitors per month
Advertising Bronze

Advertising – Bronze

$749.00 / month
Up to 900 site visitors per month
Advertising Silver

Advertising – Silver

$1,999.00 / month
Up to 2100 visitors per month
Advertising Gold

Advertising – Gold

$3,999.00 / month
Up to 5000 visitors per month

Four Platforms to Rule the Pond

Search Advertising


They know what they want, and you've got it! Get your message in front of potential customers right where it matters.

Display Advertising


Bang for the buck! Get your product or brand out there to people who don't even know they need you yet.

Audio Advertising


Grab em by the ears! Audio distribution is available on all popular streaming services.

Video Advertising


From YouTube ads and connected TV to over-the-top video advertising, video advertising is a great way to deliver your message.

The Proof is in the Yolk

Digital Marketing Report

Our online advertising services come with a beautiful customizable reports dashboard. Data from our live reports comes directly from the ad networks we run on to ensure 100% accuracy. This means you see transparent and unobscured data (which of course is how we think it should be).

You can feel confident that our no-surprise approach will NEVER have hidden or manipulated data in any way. Our numbers will match your website data perfectly, giving you the verifiable information you need to make intelligent marketing decisions to help grow your business.

Digital Marketing Report

Expert Ad Design

Targeting and strategy means nothing if your ads don’t convey your message in a compelling way. All our display campaigns come with an expertly designed ad set created with your goals in mind.

HTML5 Animated Ads

Golden Eggs not good enough? Go Platinum with fancy moving stuff! Nothing could represent your brand better. Our ads are AMP compliant for super-fast load times and fully compatible with major ad networks.

Common Sense Pricing

Act now! Pricing model expires in:

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Flying solo? You've landed in the right place. Many agencies take a 30%-60% margin on your ad spend (and some won't tell you that). We take a much lower margin which means more of your money is spent driving quality leads to your website. Our ad performance reports are DIRECT from the networks we run on. We hide nothing.


Tap/Hover for Details
We know our prices are low. If you want to send some customers our way and take a 50% cut; go for it! Our fixed pricing means we charge the same no matter what. From proposals to reporting, we provide a true white label solution so you can focus on what you do best, cultivating your customer relationships. Contact us for white labelled sales materials today.

The Brass Tacks

$500 monthly minimum charge

  • $0-10k Ad Spend Our Charge = 30%
  • 10k-50k Ad Spend Our Charge = 25%
  • $50k-100k Ad Spend Our Charge = 20%
  • $100k-200k Ad Spend Our Charge = 15%
  • $200k and up Ad Spend Our Charge = 10%
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What you Get

Search and Display ads come with copywriting, consulting, or design to tailor your ads to your goals. We can create Audio and Video ads for an additional fee.

Ads are expertly set up, monitored, and adjusted for performance while they’re running.

Customizable reporting

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