Advertising - Gold

So you are finally ready to fly and take your online advertising to heights only an ill tempered flying bird can reach! With this package you take your site traffic to the next level with up to 1000-5000 visitors (depending on ad type used). This is truly the golden egg you’ve been dreaming of with everything from our bronze and silver eggs but you also get ad type strategizing and analytics set up of your site (if not already set up)

The Gold Egg Includes
  • Up to 1000-5000 visitors per month
  • Ad strategy to select the best ad type(s) on the right platform for your business
  • Expert level online ad creation and set up
  • Professional ad asset creation for optimal performance of the ad type strategized
  • Comprehensive targeting of your ads for your organization’s ideal customers.
  • Daily monitoring and optimization of your ad(s) for highest level performance
  • Customized daily performance reporting based on the metrics that matter most to your business
  • Conversion tracking set up for ensuring true return on ad spend monitoring.
  • Set up of Google Analytics on your site

$3,999.00 / month