Search Advertising

Search Advertising

Success is just a search away

There are billions of searches per day on Google alone, using search ads can make sure potential customers notice your brand, consider your products and/or services, and take action, keeping you from getting lost in the pond.

Search Ads In 3 Steps

The Story of Search Ads

Create Your Search Ad

Our “research and strategize” approach will create written text ads that match your brand message and inform people of your product or service offering, helping your business find more golden eggs.

Your Crowd

Audience Selection

Our Geese love to analyze how the rest of the animal kingdom finds what your business offers. With that we help connect your business’s potential customers through selecting relevant keywords people are searching for and helping ensure your ads and landing pages are relevant for those searches and terms.

Fat Stackz

Set Your Budget

We will help maximize the amount of golden eggs out there by helping set a daily budget through our expertise and research, and then maximize clicks you pay for all while improving those costs for better results at less cost. Helping ensure you do not pay more than your monthly max.

Stop Searching and Start Finding

Get people to take action

When we set up your Search ad, we will choose the goal you want to achieve, such as:

  • Increasing your online or in-store sales
  • Getting more leads
  • Driving traffic to your website

Gilding your Search Tools

We’ll use clever ways to make your ads stand out! We will utilize ad extensions to include additional information, like business locations, links to specific pages on your website, product reviews, and more. The shinier the ad the better!

Adjusted for Success

When you run ads with Golden Goose you’ll get the best version of your text ad possible through our meticulous research and unrelenting strategizing for your campaign’s optimum success.

Track Progress

Our innovative and customizable reporting will show you how we’re performing. We’ll provide insights, analytics, and ongoing tips, so we can make your campaigns even more successful. The golden eggs never stop dropping with this goose.

The Proof is in the Yolk

Digital Marketing Report

Data from our live reports comes directly from the ad networks we run on to ensure 100% accuracy. This means you see transparent and unobscured data (which of course is how we think it should be).

You can feel confident that our no-surprise approach will NEVER have hidden or manipulated data in any way. Our numbers will match your website data perfectly, giving you the verifiable information you need to make intelligent marketing decisions to help grow your business.

Digital Marketing Report


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Flying solo? You've landed in the right place. Many agencies take a 30%-60% margin on your ad spend (and some won't tell you that). We take a much lower margin which means more of your money is spent driving quality leads to your website. Our ad performance reports are DIRECT from the networks we run on. We hide nothing.


Tap/Hover for Details
We know our prices are low. If you want to send some customers our way and take a 50% cut; go for it! Our fixed pricing means we charge the same no matter what. From proposals to reporting, we provide a true white label solution so you can focus on what you do best, cultivating your customer relationships. Contact us for white labelled sales materials today.

The Brass Tacks

$500 monthly minimum charge

  • $0-10k Ad Spend Our Charge = 30%
  • 10k-50k Ad Spend Our Charge = 25%
  • $50k-100k Ad Spend Our Charge = 20%
  • $100k-200k Ad Spend Our Charge = 15%
  • $200k and up Ad Spend Our Charge = 10%

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