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Search Engine Optimization is more than keywords. Search engines are relying more and more on real, human content and context when ranking pages for certain search terms. Our vast knowledge of search keywords and behavioral targeting give us a leg up when developing your SEO strategy.

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Well Versed in Meta

Well Versed in Meta

We don't ignore your meta keywords and descriptions just because content is king. If your keywords and page description accurately match your content and title tags, you'll be dominating the search results in no time. You need a balance of technical SEO and content.



We make sure your content is both meaningful to humans, and to search engine bots. That's a careful balance to strike but we believe you need to walk (write good content) before you can crawl (in the search engines).


Troubleshoot & Report

We'll report monthly on your SEO rank and give you an update on what we've improved. What good are results if we can't brag about them a little.