Social Media for Social Distancing?

Social Media for Social Distancing?

Oh man here we go again… Another blog about why a service we offer is important during the Coronavirus quarantines. We are going to sound like a broken record here, but the only way to get your message, product, service or whatever it is you offer out to locked down world is through digital means. That is why social media takes center stage here.

More people are online than ever before and social media is where they are doing a ton of information consumption.

Here are some simple ways that using social media can help your business in this uncertain time.

Information, Not Mis-Information

Information about coronavirus is being spread via social media outlets at a more rapid rate than the virus itself. And sadly, almost all of it is wrong, fake news, mis-information, unreliable, or downright deceptive. Now, more than ever it is so important to ensure the information that you are putting out to your readers is truthful and real.

So we get it, you want to help, but unless you can verify for a fact that what you’re putting out there is the real deal, then do not post it. Likely if the World Health Organization or the Center For Disease Control did not inform us of it there is a good chance it is mis-information.

Help Your Peers When You Can

I was just reading a New York Times article about an ER doctor using groups on Facebook to help see what his peers were doing as well as sharing insight he has gained during this Coronavirus craziness. Its an amazing use of this platform. With everything going on, if you have something to help your industry right now; share it!

Sharing information can also help you stand out as an authority in your field, and that can go a long way towards earning potential customers’ trust, even now.

On the other hand if you need help; ask for it! Social media can just as easily help you if you are struggling and give you that much needed boost or idea that you are missing to pull yourself out of this feeling of darkness that does not need to be there. Changing the narrative to positive information could really help change the tide of this “apocalyptic” tone that is so prevalent today.

Stay Up To Date

Using social media to keep your customers, clients and followers up to date on what your company’s current situation is, is the best and fastest way to disseminate information that is business-vital. Maybe updated hours, online only shopping, teleconferencing appointments, updates on how you are staying safe, sales you are running, and just general check ups find special places in the social media atmosphere. This allows you to get information you need to put out there quickly and effectively to the people that need to see it. Not to mention that regular posting helps to create content and will grow your audience.

Put Yourself Out There

This one is pretty straightforward. Offer ways that you can help your customers. If you need help yourself do not be afraid to ask for it online. You can use social media as community while we are having to keep our physical distance.

Social Distancing/Not Anti Social

Social distancing does not have to mean anti social. Anyone who knows Josh or me (Dan) is laughing right now as they read this but I am sure there are a ton of people who are feeling the effects mentally from the lack of social interaction that they usually get at work and out in public.

Being stuck in house can be no fun! Use social media to participate in live streams, online meet ups, commenting, chatting etc. to keep your social interaction going while still keeping your social distance.

Stay Positive

This one needs no explanation but I over-explain everything. (Josh’s note — Even more so before I edit these…) We just have to stay positive. It is so easy to spread hysteria and it can feel impossible to spread love and understanding. But now more than ever, staying positive and reminding yourself to not jump to negativity is the best thing we can use social media for.

If we can all just change one negative thought a day into a positive one and let people know about it, we can easily change this terrifying narrative. I know its sappy and ridiculous but positivity helps.

If you need help, we’re here! Also, we need help. Send us some work. (Practice what you preach)


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