What to Expect when You’re Expecting (a New Website)

What to Expect when You’re Expecting (a New Website)

We know that there’s a lot to think about when developing your online presence. We’ve created hundreds of websites and, while all of them require a slightly different process, there are some basic milestones that you can expect to see while working through a website build with us. This list can help you think about your unique needs and how to convey those to us so that we can develop the absolute best website possible for your brand.

1. Exploration Call

This is our initial call to figure out what your needs are for your website.

2. Scope of Work Agreement

We’ll send over a quote with a “Scope of Work” agreement that will outline the work that’s estimated to complete your site. This will come with an estimate for the work needed to complete the site. We require a 50% deposit on this quote to begin work. The other 50% will be due upon completion of the site.

3. Onboarding

We’ll send over a list of assets that we’ll need to start the website. Some of these items may include: your company logo, images/pictures, copy that will be used on the new site. We’ll also ask for a list of sites that you like (or don’t like) so we can get an idea of your personal tastes. 

4. Development/Design Starts

If we’re going directly to development and you already have an existing website, we’ll create your website on our development server. If you don’t, we can use a url that you already own and develop the site on our server. We can discuss our hosting plans anywhere in the process. We have no problem moving your site to any host that you prefer after the website is done.

If your project requires design mockups, we’ll send those over and make sure you’re happy with the site before starting development. This is our standard process for websites over $7500.

5. Check In

After we get the main page created for you site, we’ll send a draft over to make sure we’re on the right track. We’ll want to make any adjustments to colors/fonts before creating additional pages.

6. Site Completion

We’ll finish up all of your remaining pages and send the site to you for approval.

7. Training

We’ll set up a meeting to teach you how to use your new site and make updates on your own. If you’d like us to handle these things moving forward, we can discuss maintenance plans.

8. Site Migration/Go Live

We’ll move your site to its final server destination and point your url to your new website. 

Congrats, you’re done! Time to watch out for those sales/leads that your spiffy new site generates.


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