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We love being as up-front as possible in all of our business dealings so here’s an overview of EXACTLY what you get when starting a paid advertising campaign with us. We believe that our paid packages cover every aspect needed to accurately target and report on your paid traffic. Contact us today to get started!

Ingredients for a Successful Campaign

Advertising Targeting

Highly Detailed Targeting

Our unique “Research and Strategize” approach means you do not have to worry about your ads getting shot-gunned to the masses. We analyze every client’s product and/or service offering to determine the best possible keywords, audiences, topics, demographics, intents, and interests to ensure we get your ad in front of the people who are most likely to take action from your ad. We’ll also make recommendations on the best type of ad(s) for your specific business that we believe will be most successful.

Digital Ad Creation

Ads (Creative)

Obviously, you knew this already. We will take what we have learned from studying your business and competitors, and develop amazing ads that fit your brand and desired goal. With our experience and knowledge, we have learned what works and most importantly what does not, so you know the ad we create is the best it can be from the start rather than having to depend on constant A/B testing that can waste time and money.

Website Design

Landing Page Creation/Consultation

We know that an ad is only as good as where it takes you. That is why we will create for you a branded landing page to fit the specific goal you are working towards with your advertising. And if that is not your speed and you are a little more DIY then we can help guide you in setting up your landing page for the utmost success through our simple, upfront, and honest expert consulting.

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Ad Management and Optimization

Once we strategize your ad plan it is time to implement. This is where we will build the account to run the ads in the Google Ads Network (or a different platform, depending on ad type) upload the ads and start running, managing, and improving the ads for optimum performance, quality, and scale. This important part of our service offering is where we put our money where our motto is and work to achieve the KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) we have set together.

Digital Marketing Reporting

Meticulous Custom Reporting

Now this where it gets really good! Not only is our ad reporting set up to showcase the performance of your ads in a one stop glance; we can customize it to the performance metrics that matter to you. If you’re a salesman or an agency, we’ll even provide a report with your branding on our anonymous ad reporting website. Our unique reporting approach means we are not shoving meaningless metrics down your throat; but educating you on metrics that matter as well as giving you the performance information that matters most to your business. Our reporting is also highly detailed with the ability to filter and drill down as you see fit.

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